Volume 37 (June 2005) Number 3


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

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Analyses: Current topics within international mathematics education research
Compiled and edited by Günter Törner, Duisburg (Germany); Michael Kleine, Regensburg (Germany); Christian Gross, Augsburg (Germanay); Bharath Sriraman, Missoula, MT (USA)

A1:Editorial. Törner, Günter (Germany); Kleine, Michael (Germany); Gross, Christian (Germany); Bharath Sriraman (USA) .. 129
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A2: Structural stability and dynamic geometry: some ideas on situated proofs
(Armella, Luis Moreno (Mexico), Sriraman, Bharath (USA)) ... 130-139
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A3: On high-school students’ use of graphic calculators in mathematics
(Berry John & Graham Ted, University of Plymouth  (UK)) ... 140-148
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A4: An empirical taxonomy of problem posing processes
 (Constantinos Christou, C. (Cyprus); Nicholas Mousoulides (Cyprus); Marios Pittalis (Cyprus) Demetra Pitta-Pantazi (Cyprus); Bharath Sriraman (USA) ) ... 149-158
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A5: Comparing adult mathematical literacy with PISA students: results of a pilot study
 ( Ehmke, Timo (IPN Kiel); Wild, Elke (Bielefeld);  Müller-Kahlhoff, Thiemo (Bielefeld)) ... 159-167
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A6: On middle-school students’ comprehension of randomness and chance variability in data
(Engel, Joachim (Hannover); Sedlmeier, Peter  (Chemnitz)) ... 168-177
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A7:New Brunswick pre-service teachers communicate with schoolchildren about mathematical problems: CAMI project
(Freiman, Viktor, University of Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada)) ...178-190
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A8: Investigating and ordering quadrilaterals and its analogies in space – problem fields with various aspects
(Graumann, Günter (Bielefeld)) ...191-199
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A9: Features of mathematical activities in interdisciplinary, project-based learning
( Halverscheid, Stefan (Bremen)) ... 200-207
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A10: Word problems and mathematical understanding. Results of a teaching experiment in grade 2
Hasemann, Klaus (Hannover); Elsbeth Stern (Germany) ... 208-211
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A11: Mathematics achievement and interest in mathematics from a differential
(Heinze, Aiso; Reiss, Kristina; Rudolph, Franzisca (Augsburg))... 212-220
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A12: The structure of students’ emotions experience during a mathematical achievement test
Kleine, M.; Goetz, Th.; Pekrun, R.; Hall, N.) ... 221-225
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A13: With a focus on 'Grundvorstellungen'. Part 1: a theoretical integration into current concepts
(Kleine, Michael (Augsburg); Jordan, Alexander (Kassel); Harvey, Emile (Bristol)) ... 226-233
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A14: With a focus on 'Grundvorstellungen'. Part 2: ‘Grundvorstellungen’ as a theoretical and empirical criterion
(Kleine, Michael (Augsburg); Jordan, Alexander (Kassel); Harvey, Emile (Bristol)) ... 234-239
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A15: A classification of teacher interventions in mathematics teaching
(Leiss, Dominik; Wiegand, B.  (Kassel)) ... 240-245
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A16: Reflecting mathematics: an approach to achieve mathematical literacy
(Lengnink, Katja ( Darmstadt)) ... 246-249
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A17: Developing reflectiveness in mathematics classrooms – An aim to be reached in several ways
Prediger, Susanne (Bremen)) ... 250-257
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A18: On the teaching and learning of Dienes’ principles
(Sriraman, Bharath (USA); English, Lyn (Australia)) ... 258-262
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