Volume 37 (April 2005) Number 2


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

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Analyses: Multicultural issues in the teaching and learning of mathematics
Compiled and edited by Richard Barwell, Bristol (UK) and Gabriele Kaiser, Hamburg (Germany)

A1: Introduction: Mathematics education in culturally diverse classrooms
(Richard Barwell, Gabriele Kaiser) ... 61-63
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A2: Cultural distance and identities in construction within the multicultural mathematics classroom
(Núria Gorgorió, Núria Planas) ... 64-71
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A3: Teachers’ funds of knowledge and the teaching and learning of mathematics in multi-ethnic primary schools: Two teachers’ views of linking home and school
(Jane Andrews, Wan Ching Yee, Pamela Greenhough, Martin Hughes, Jan Winter) ...72-80
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A4:  Immigrant parents’ perspectives on their children’s mathematics education
(Marta Civil, Núria Planas, Beatriz Quintos) ... 81-89
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A5: Parents’ views on mathematics and the learning of mathematics - an intercultural comparative study
(Britta Hawighorst) ... 90-100
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A6: Cultural differences, oral mathematics and calculators in a teacher training course of the Brazilian Landless Movement
(Gelsa Knijnik, Fernanda Wanderer, Claudio José de Oliveira) ... 101-108
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A7: Cultural and linguistic problems in the use of authentic textbooks when teaching mathematics in a foreign language
(Jarmila Novotná, Hana Moraová) ... 109-115
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Book Reviews:

R1: Padberg, Friedhelm: Didaktik der Arithmetik für Lehrerausbildung und Lehrerfortbildung
(Wilhelm Schipper) ... 116-118
Article (PDF)

R2: Müller, Gerhard N.; Steinbring, Heinz; Wittmann, Erich Ch. (Hg.): Arithmetik als Prozess
(Friedhelm Padberg) ... 119-127
Article (PDF)