Volume 36 (October 2004) Number 5


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

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Analyses: Challenges in teaching mathematical reasoning and proof
Compiled and edited by Aiso Heinze (Augsburg, Germany) & Christine Knipping (Oldenburg, Germany)

A1: Challenges in teaching mathematical reasoning and proof - Introduction
(Christine Knipping)... 127-128
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A2: Interactions with diagrams and the making of reasoned conjectures in geometry
(Patricio Herbst) ... 129-139
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A3: Adult learners' criteria for explanations
(David A Reid; Rosemary Roberts) ... 140-149
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A4: Schülerprobleme beim Lösen von geometrischen Beweisaufgaben– eine Interviewstudie -
(Aiso Heinze) ... 150-161
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A5: Students’ performance in reasoning and proof in Taiwan and Germany: Results, paradoxes and open questions
(Aiso Heinze, Ying-Hao Cheng, Kai-Lin Yang) ... 162-171
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A6: From the principle of bijection to the isomorphism of structures: An analysis of some teaching paradigms in discrete mathematics
 (Christine Ebert; Gary Ebert; Mikhail Klin; Beer Sheva) ... 172 - 183
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