Volume 36 (April 2004) Number 2


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

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Analyses: Discrete mathematics and Proof in the High School
Compiled and edited by Aiso Heinze (Augsburg), Ian Anderson (Glasgow) and Kristina Reiss (Augsburg)

A1: Discrete Mathematics and Proof in the High School. Introduction
(Aiso Heinze, Ian Anderson, Kristina Reiss) ... 44-45
Article (PDF)

A2: Discrete Mathematics in Primary and Secondary Schools in the United States
(Valerie A. DeBellis, Joseph G. Rosenstein) ... 46-55
Abstract | Article (PDF)

A3: Problem Solving Heuristics, Affect, and Discrete Mathematics
(Gerald A. Goldin) ... 56-60
Abstract | Article (PDF)

A4: Experimental Mathematics and Proofs in the Classroom
(Ulrich Kortenkamp) ... 61-66
Abstract | Article (PDF)

A5: Learning to prove: using structured templates for multi-step calculations as an introduction to local deduction
(Tony Gardiner) ... 67-76
Abstract | Article (PDF)

A6: About Traveling Salesmen and Telephone Networks – Combinatorial Optimization Problems at High School
(Andreas Schuster) ... 77-81
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Book Review:

R1: Hans-Wolfgang Henn: Elementare Geometrie und Algebra – Basiswissen für Studium und Mathematikunterricht. Mit Online-Service zum Buch (Lutz Führer) ... 82-84
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