Volume 34 (December 2002) Number 6


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

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Analyses: Comparative Studies in Mathematics Education
Compiled and edited by Gabriele Kaiser, Hamburg (Germany)

A1: Introduction. (Gabriele Kaiser) ... 240
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A2: Educational Philosophies and Their Influence on Mathematics Education – An Ethnographic Study in English and German Classrooms. (Gabriele Kaiser).. 241 - 257
Abstract | Article (PDF)

A3: Die Innenwelt des Beweisens im Mathematikunterricht – Vergleiche von französischen und deutschen Mathematikstunden. (Christine Knipping)... 258 – 267
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A4: How Pythagoras’ Theorem is taught in Czech Republic, Hong Kong and Shanghai: A Case Study. (Rongjin Huang, Frederick Leung) ... 268 - 277
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A5: Assessing and Understanding U.S. and Chinese Students’ Mathematical Thinking. (Jinfa Cai) ... 278 - 290
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A6: Conference report: Teaching culture and the quality of learning. The contribution of video-based research to the improvement of education. Internationale Konferenz. 23.-28. Juni 2002, Monte Veritŕ, Ascona. (Heinz Wyss)... 291 - 296
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Book Reviews

R1: Kilpatrick, Jeremy; Swafford, Jane; Findell, Bradford (Eds.): Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics. (Kaye Stacey) ... 297 - 298
Article (PDF)

R2: Mason, H. John: Mathematics Teaching Practice. A Guide for University and College Lecturers. (Elena Nardi) ... 299 - 301
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