Volume 34 (June 2002) Number 3


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

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Analyses: Research on Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS) - an introduction.
Compiled and edited by Rudolf Sträßer, Bielefeld (Germany)&Luleå (Sweden)

A1: Research on Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS) - an introduction
(Rudolf Sträßer) ... 65
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A2: A cognitive analysis of dragging practises in Cabri environments. 
(Ferdinando Arzarello; Federica Olivero; Domingo Paola; Ornella Robutti) ... 66 - 72
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A3: Macros and Modules in Geometry.
(Gert Kadunz) ... 73 -77
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A4: "Locus" and "Trace" in Cabri-géomètre: relationships between geometric and functional aspects in a study of transformations. 
 (Ana Paula Jahn) ... 78 - 84
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A5: On Dynamic Geometry Software in the Regular Classroom
 (Thomas Gawlick) ... 85 - 92
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I1: Basic Skills Versus Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics Education: The Case of Fraction Division. A Reply to Hung-Hsi Wu.
(Mircea Radu) ... 93 - 95
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Book reviews

R1: Bauersfeld, Heinrich, O'Brien, Thomas: Mathe mit geschlossenen Augen. Zahlen und Formen erfühlen und erfassen 
(Mircea Radu) ... 96 - 97
Article (PDF)

R2: Adler, Jill: Teaching Mathematics in Multilingual Classrooms 
(Anna Sierpinska) ... 98 - 103
Article (PDF)

R3: Müller-Philipp, Susanne; Gorski, Hans-Joachim: Leitfaden Geometrie
 (Karlhorst Meyer) ... 104 - 105
Article (PDF)