Volume 34 (February 2002) Number 1


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

Articles Electronic-Only Publication ISSN 1615-679X


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Analyses: Proof and Argumentation in the  Mathematics Classroom
Compiled and edited by Kristina Reiss, Oldenburg (Germany)

A1: Another Approach to Proof: Arguments from Physics
(Gila Hanna; Hans Niels Jahnke) ... 18
Abstract | Article (PDF)

A2: Informal Prerequisites for Informal Proofs
(Aiso Heinze; Jee Yi Kwak) ... 916
Abstract | Article (PDF)

A3: Defining a Rectangle under a Social and Practical Setting by Two Seventh Graders
(Fou-Lai Lin; Kai-Lin Yang) ... 1728
Abstract | Article (PDF)

A4: Learning to Prove: The Idea of Heuristic Examples
(Kristina Reiss; Alexander Renkl) ... 29-35
Abstract | Article (PDF)