Volume 33 (December 2001) Number 6


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

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Book Reviews

R1:Jaworski, Barbara; Wood, Terry; Dawson, Sandy (Eds.): Mathematics Teacher Education: Critical International Perspectives
(Thomas J. Cooney) ...177 - 179
Article (PDF)

R2: Hughes, Martin; Desforges, Charles; Mitchell, Christine: Numeracy and Beyond: Applying mathematics in the primary school
(Lyn D. English) ...180 - 181
Article (PDF)

R3: Grauberg, Eva, Consulting Editor: Professor Margaret Snowling, University of York: Elementary Mathematics and Language Difficulties. A Book for Teachers Therapists and Parents
(Pearla Nesher) ...182 - 183
Article (PDF)

R4: Fraedrich, Anna Maria: Planung von Mathematikunterricht in der Grundschule
(Marianne Grassmann) ...184 - 186
Article (PDF)

R5: Keitel, C. (Ed.): Social Justice and Mathematics Education. Gender, Class, Ethnicity and the Politics of Schooling
(Paola Valero) ...187 - 191
Article (PDF)

R6: Schumann, H.: Raumgeometrie – Unterricht mit Computerwerkzeugen; Bauer, H.; Freiberger, U.; Kühlewind, G.; Schumann, H.: Körpergeometrie (Software)
(Hans Schupp) ...192 - 195
Article (PDF)


I1: The order of theorems in the teaching of Euclidean geometry: Learning from developments in textbooks in the early 20th Century 
(Taro Fujita) ...196 - 203

Abstract | Article (PDF)

I2:  Information structuring – a new way of perceiving the content of learning
(Mihaela Singer) ...204 - 218
Abstract | Article (PDF)