Volume 33 (August 2001) Number 4


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

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Book reviews

R1: D’Amore, Bruno: Elementi di Didattica della Matematica (Elements of the didactics of mathematics)
(Hermann Maier) ... 103 – 108
Article (PDF)

R2: Maier, Hermann; Schweiger, Fritz; Reichel, Hans-Christian (Hg.): Mathematik und Sprache. Zum Verstehen und Verwenden von Fachsprache im Mathematikunterricht (Mathematics and language: On understanding and using technical terminology in mathematics education)
(Peter Gallin) ... 109 – 111
Article (PDF)


I1: ICMI Comparative Study: Mathematics education in different cultural traditions: A comparative study of East Asia and the West. Discussion Document
(International Commission on Mathematical Instruction / Commission internationale de l'enseignement mathématique) ... 113 – 122
Article (PDF)

I2: Landscapes of Investigation
(Ole Skovsmose) ... 123 – 132
Abstract | Article (PDF)