Volume 32 (August 2000) Number 4


Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik

International Reviews on Mathematical  Education

Articles Electronic Edition ISSN 1615-679X


Book reviews

Lajoie, S. P. (Ed.): Reflections on Statistics. Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Grades K-12
(David Green)
Article (PDF)


Research in mathematics education - who benefits?
(Heinrich Bauersfeld)
Abstract | Article (PDF)

Reductive-holistic cycle: A model for the study of the didactic procedure
(Dimitris Gavalas)
Abstract | Article (PDF)

The future of the teaching and learning of algebra. Discussion Document for the 12th ICMI study
Abstract | Article (PDF)

Mathematisches Denken in der Linearen Algebra (Mathematical thinking in linear algebra)
(Katja Lengnink, Susanne Prediger)
Abstract | Article (PDF)

Outlook on future topics

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