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Vol. 19, No. 1, pp. 131-145 (2000)

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On the Stabilizability of a Slowly Rotating Timoshenko Beam

W. Krabs and G. M. Sklyar

Techn. Univ., FB Math., Schlo{ß}gartenstr. 7, D-64289 Darmstadt State Univ., Dept. Math. Anal., Svoboda sqr. 4, 310077 Kharkov, Ukraine; also: Inst. Math. Univ., ul. Wielkopolska 15, 70-451 Szczecin, Poland

Abstract: In this paper we continue our investigation of a slowly rotating Timoshenko beam in a horizontal plane whose movement is controlled by the angular acceleration of the disk of a driving motor into which the beam is clamped. We show how to choose a feedback control allowing to stabilize our system (the beam plus the disk) in a preassigned position of rest.

Keywords: stabilizability, Timoshenko beam, feedback control

Classification (MSC2000): 93D15

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