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Vol. 18, No. 1, pp. 27-35 (1999)

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On Restriction Properties of Multiplication Operators

A. Plichko and V. Shevchik

A. Plichko: Ped. Univ., Dept. Math., Str. Shevchenko, Korovograd 316050, Ukraine
V. Shevchik: Friedrich-Schiller-Univ., Math. Inst., Ernst-Abbe.-Pl. 1-4, D-07743 Jena, e-mail: shevchik@minet.uni-jena.de

Abstract: A multiplication operator $A$ acting in a rearrangement-invariant function space $E$ is considered. Infinite dimensional subspaces $X$ of $E$ for which the restriction $A|X$ is an isomorphism are described. Applications to multiplied trigonometric sequences in Banach function spaces are given.

Keywords: multiplication operators, rearrangement-invariant functions spaces

Classification (MSC2000): 46Bxx, 47Bxx

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