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Vol. 18, No. 1, pp. 3-12 (1999)

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A Note on Convergence of Level Sets

F. Camilli

Univ. dell` Aquila, Dip. di Energetica, 67040 Roio Poggio (AQ), Italy, e-mail: camilli@ing.univaq.it

Abstract: Given a sequence of functions $f_n$ converging in some topology to a function $f$, in general the $0$-level set of $f_n$ does not give a good approximation of the one of $f$. In this paper we show that, if we consider an appropriate perturbation of the $0$-level set of $f_n$, we get a sequence of sets converging to the $0$-level set of $f$, where the type of set convergence depends on the type of convergence of $f_n$ to $f$.

Keywords: perturbed level sets, set convergence, capacity

Classification (MSC2000): 28A12, 46E35

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