Geometry & Topology Monographs 2 (1999), Proceedings of the Kirbyfest, paper no. 14, pages 259-290.

Classification of unknotting tunnels for two bridge knots

Tsuyoshi Kobayashi

Abstract. In this paper, we show that any unknotting tunnel for a two bridge knot is isotopic to either one of known ones. This together with Morimoto--Sakuma's result gives the complete classification of unknotting tunnels for two bridge knots up to isotopies and homeomorphisms.

Keywords. Two bridge knots, unknotting tunnel

AMS subject classification. Primary: 57M25. Secondary: 57M05.

E-print: arXiv:math.GT/9911254

Submitted: 28 December 1998. (Revised: 30 May 1999.) Published: 20 November 1999.

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Tsuyoshi Kobayashi
Department of Mathematics, Nara Women's University
Kita-Uoya Nishimachi, Nara 630, JAPAN

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