Algebraic and Geometric Topology 2 (2002), paper no. 26, pages 537-562.

Farrell cohomology of low genus pure mapping class groups with punctures

Qin Lu

Abstract. In this paper, we calculate the p-torsion of the Farrell cohomology for low genus pure mapping class groups with punctures, where p is an odd prime. Here, `low genus' means g=1,2,3; and `pure mapping class groups with punctures' means the mapping class groups with any number of punctures, where the punctures are not allowed to be permuted. These calculations use our previous results about the periodicity of pure mapping class groups with punctures, as well as other cohomological tools. The low genus cases are interesting because we know that the high genus cases can be reduced to the low genus ones. Also, the cohomological properties of the mapping class groups without punctures are closely related to our cases.

Keywords. Farrell cohomology, pure mapping class group with punctures, fixed point data, periodicity

AMS subject classification. Primary: 55N35, 55N20. Secondary: 57T99, 57R50.

DOI: 10.2140/agt.2002.2.537

E-print: arXiv:math.AT/0207174

Submitted: 3 October 2001. (Revised: 29 April 2002.) Accepted: 26 June 2002. Published: 19 July 2002.

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Qin Lu
Department of Mathematics, Lafayette College
Easton, PA 18042, USA

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