Algebraic and Geometric Topology 2 (2002), paper no. 19, pages 391-402.

Rational surfaces and symplectic 4-manifolds with one basic class

Ronald Fintushel, Jongil Park, Ronald J. Stern

Abstract. We present constructions of simply connected symplectic 4-manifolds which have (up to sign) one basic class and which fill up the geographical region between the half-Noether and Noether lines.

Keywords. $4$-manifold, Seiberg-Witten invariant

AMS subject classification. Primary: 57R57. Secondary: 57R17.

DOI: 10.2140/agt.2002.2.391

E-print: arXiv:math.GT/0202195

Submitted: 19 February 2002. Accepted: 12 May 2002. Published: 22 May 2002.

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Ronald Fintushel, Jongil Park, Ronald J. Stern
Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824, USA
Department of Mathematics, Konkuk University
1 Hwayang-dong, Kwangjin-gu, Seoul 143-701, Korea
Department of Mathematics, University of California
Irvine, CA 92697, USA

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