Workshop on Degenerate Partial Differential Equations,

Weighted Spaces, and Applications to Mechanics

(14-16 September, 2005)


1330 – 1400 Opening of the Workshop.


1400 – 1450 B.-W. Schulze (Germany). Boundary Value Problems and Calculus on Manifolds with Edges I.

1500 – 1520 G. Jaiani. On a Nonlocal Problem for a System of Singular Differential Equations Connected with Cusped Prismatic Shells.


1100 – 1150 B.-W. Schulze (Germany). Boundary Value Problems and Calculus on Manifolds with Edges II.

1200 – 1250 L. Tepoyan (Armenia). Mixed Problem for the Degenerate Differential-Operator Equations of the Higher Order.

1300 1320  D. Gordeziani, E. Gordeziani, N. Gordeziani. An Additive Locally One-dimensional Models for Pluriparabolic Equations.


1400 – 1420 G. Devdariani, R. Janjgava, B. Gulua. Dirichlet Problem for Marques-von Kármán’s System.

1430 – 1450 D. Gubeladze. Friedrichs’ and Poincare’s Weighted Inequalities.

1500 – 1520 S. Kharibegashvili. Some Boundary and Initial Boundary Problems for a Second Order Hyperbolic Equations with Different Degenerations.

1530 – 1550 T. Meunargia. Some Basic Boundary Value Problems for Non-shellow Shells.

1600 – 1620 D. Natroshvili. Solvability and Regularity Results to Boundary-Transmission Problems for Metallic and Piezoelectric Elastic Materials.

1630 – 1650 J. Rogava, M. Tsiklauri. Higher Order Decomposition Formulas for a Semigroup.

1700 – 1720 T. Tadumadze. Formulas of  Variation for Solutions to Some Classes of  Functional–Differential Equations.


1100 – 1150 B.-W. Schulze (Germany). Boundary Value Problems and Calculus on Manifolds with Edges III.

1200 – 1220 D. Gordeziani, G. Avalishvili, M. Avalishvili. Nonlocal in Time Problems for Schrödinger Type Equations

1230 – 1250   N. Avazashvili. On the Possibility of Equivalent Regularization of Characteristic Singular Integral Equation.


1400 – 1420 M. Ashordia. Singular Boundary Value Problems for Systems of Generalized Ordinary Differential Equations.

1430 – 1450 N. Chinchaladze. On Some Solid-Fluid Interaction Problems.

1500 – 1520 J. Gvazava. Oblique Derivative Nonlinear Problem with Data on Free Characteristics.

1530 – 1550 J. Peradze. On the Solution of the Kirchhoff Differential Equation.

1600 1620  R. Sokhadze. Bitsadze-Samarsky Nonlocal Boundary Value Problem for a Class of Mixed Type Equations with a Parabolic Degeneration inside a Domain.

1630 – 1650 D. Shulaia. On a General Solution to the Radiative Transport Equation of the Polarized Light.

1630 – 1650 T. Vashakmadze. On a Remark to a Law of  Natural Sciences.


1700 – 1720 Round Table.