Workshop on Mathematical Models for Elastic Cusped Plates and Bars

Date: 24-28 September, 2001

Location: TICMI (Tbilisi)


The workshop is organized for investigators of Collaborative Linkage Grant PST.CLG.976426/5437.

It is also open for other scientists interested in problems of three-, two- and one-dimensional models of ellastic bodies with non-smooth boundaries (cusps included): existence, uniqueness, and regularity for the mathematical models including the formulation of correct boundary conditions; rigorous justification within the framework of linear three-dimensional elasticity; mathematical models of cusped plates and bars within nonlinear (physical and geometric) theories of elasticity; cusped elastic body-fluid interaction models.



W.L. Wendland (Stuttgart University, Germany)
George Jaiani (Tbilisi State University, Georgia)


This course is suitable for advanced graduate students or recent Ph.D.'s. The participants will also have an opportunity to give 20-minute talks on their own work at a mini-symposium which will take place during the Advanced Course. Lectures and abstracts of the talks will be published and distributed among the lecturers and participants after Advanced Course. The registration fee for participants is 400 USD which includes all local expenses during the Advanced Course. A restricted number of participants will be awarded grants.


Further information: TICMI, I.Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics of Tbilisi State University, University Str. 2, Tbilisi 380043, Georgia

e.mail: jaiani@viam.hepi.edu.ge

Tel.:+995 32 305995