contains information of activity of Tbilisi International Centre of Mathematics and Informatics (TICMI) including abstracts (with clear formulation of results) of original papers, peer-reviewed original papers (with full proof) presented at international forums organized by TICMI, and other peer-reviewed original papers.


Editor: G. Jaiani

I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

Tbilisi State University

2, University St., Tbilisi 380043, Georgia

Tel.: (+995 32) 30 59 95

e.mail: jaiani@viam.sci.tsu.ge



International Scientific Committee of TICMI:

G. Jaiani (Chairman), Tbilisi

J.-Cl. Hausmann, Geneve, Universite de Geneve

D. Natroshvili, Tbilisi, Georgian Technical University

G.F. Roach, Glasgow, Strathclyde University

J. Sanikidze, Tbilisi, N. Muskhelishvili Institute of Computational Mathematics
Georgian Academy of Sciences

T. Shervashidze, Tbilisi, A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute
Georgian Academy of Sciences

V. Sollonnikof, Petersburg, P.O.M.I.


Technical editorial board:

N. Chinchaladze (Technical editor),


Ts. Gabeskiria (English editor),


M. Sharikadze





Report of  TICMI Activities (January - December 2001)

Minutes of TICMI ISC Meeting

TICMI Plan for 2002



Workshop on Mathematical Models for Elastic Cusped Plates and Bars



Other Papers of  Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Announcements for 2003


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