Surveys in Mathematics and its Applications

ISSN 1842-6298 (electronic), 1843-7265 (print)
Volume 4 (2009), 1 -- 14


Feng Wang, Yujun Cui and Fang Zhang

Abstract. In this paper some existence and nonexistence results for positive solutions are obtained for second-order boundary value problem

-u"+Mu=f(t,u),    t∈(0,1)
with Neumann boundary conditions
where M>0,  f∈C([0,1]×R+, R+). By making use of fixed point index theory in cones, some new results are obtained.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 34B18; 47H10.
Keywords: Neumann BVP; Positive solutions; Cone; Fixed point index.

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Feng Wang Yujun Cui
School of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Mathematics,
Jiangsu Polytechnic University, Shandong University of Science and Technology,
Changzhou, 213164, P.R. China. Qingdao, 266510, P.R. China.
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Fang Zhang
School of Mathematics and Physics,
Jiangsu Polytechnic University,
Changzhou, 213164, P.R. China.