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Copyright Agreement

This Agreement is by and between the Surveys in Mathematics and its Applications, the "Journal", and

the "Author(s)". In consideration of the following mutual undertakings, it is agreed:

  1. The Author(s) has(have) created a work entitled

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  2. Author(s) hereby grants/grant to Journal a free and unrestricted license to disseminate the Work electronically to anybody who asks for it.

  3. Author(s) allows/allow the Journal to translate the Work to other document formatting languages, or to transfer the Work onto another medium (such as CD-ROM, paper, etc.) for non-commercial purposes, at any time and in any context.

  4. Author(s) allows/allow the Journal to enter commercial agreements with publishers to republish the Work provided that the free electronic distribution is mentioned and no part of the text is modified.

  5. Author(s) agrees/agree not to publish the same or substantially the same Work elsewhere. The Author(s) may use the material for "collected works" and other forms of reprinting of articles, if prior publication in the Journal is being acknowledged and giving the URL for webpage of the Journal.

  6. Author(s) agrees/agree to include links to the Work (in the Journal's webpage) along with any electronically available copy of the Work.

  7. The Author(s) warrants/warrant the authority to enter into this Agreement.

  8. If there is more than one Author, then either all must sign the Agreement, or one Author may sign for all provided the signer appends a statement signed by all the Authors that attests that each Author has approved this agreement and has agreed to be bound by it. This Agreement shall become effective and binding at the written bellow date.




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Copying and Reprinting

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