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M. P. Schützenberger A home page devoted to Marcel-Paul Schützenberger (1920-1996)

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Recent Volumes It includes papers of vol. 61 to present (prefaces, abstracts, TeX, dvi, Postscript and pdf-files).

Volumes 1-60 It includes papers of Vol. 1 to 60 (prefaces, abstracts, TeX, dvi, Postscript and pdf-files). Not all of the papers of Vol. 1 to 31, which originally appeared in paper form, are yet available electronically.

Find papers Papers can be located under various items: by author name, key word, volume number, year.

Table of contents (1-31) Table of contents of all papers in vol 1-31 that appeared in paper form.

Books The SLC Book Site offers combinatorial books for free download.