Letter from the president

It is a great challenge for us to try to understand and see what is going on with information technology, the way it is changing our world and its effect on the society. When saying "technology" we have to remember that five centuries ago for the Genoese merchants who earned their living trading in the Mediterranean Sea that same word meant the new double entry bookkeeping, the banking service organization and ship construction. By the end of the last century "technology" was a synonym for railways. At the beginning of the century "technology" was the electric motor and its effect on the electrified city. Twenty years ago "technology" meant electronics, computers and the new services they provided. All these things are now part of our everyday life and our social organization has deeply changed as a result of all these. But do we understand how quickly we are changing due to all the possibilities provided by Internet?

This electronic journal that our society launches today is just a little step towards the future, so that we can be up-to-date in this ever changing world. This virtual magazine is just an extension of the old journal of our society which was first published in 1960 and was known by the late eighties as the "Revista de Informatica e Investigación Operativa".

Our motif is to provide the information technology community of our country and especially of the rest of Latinamerican with a place for exchange and broadcast their research activity. A place where a scientist can find demanding but fair arbitration which ensures him the recognition of being included in a magazine we hope to be prestigious and well known within the academic world.

We’ll all do an effort to write in English so that this magazine is not limited to the Spanish speaking community.

We are especially thankful to our Editor, our Advisory Board and our Editorial Board who make come true our desire to see the magazine in the Internet roads.

Dante Ramos
President Of SADIO