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Vol. 62, No. 1, pp. 109-122 (2005)

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On perfect polynomials over $\mathbb{F}_4$

Luis Gallardo and Olivier Rahavandrainy

Mathematics, University of Brest,
6, Avenue Le Gorgeu, C.S. 93837, 29238 Brest Cedex 3 -- FRANCE
E-mail: luisgall@univ-brest.fr , rahavand@univ-brest.fr

Abstract: We characterize some perfect polynomials in $\mathbb{F}_4[x]$.

Keywords: Sum of divisors; polynomials; finite fields; characteristic 2.

Classification (MSC2000): 11T55, 11T06.

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Electronic version published on: 7 Mar 2008.

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