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Vol. 57, No. 2, pp. 191-201 (2000)

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Uniform Convergence Results for Certain Two-Dimensional Cauchy Principal Value Integrals

Elisabetta Santi

Dipartimento di Energetica - Università dell'Aquila,
Localita' Monteluco, 67040 Roio Poggio (AQ) - ITALY
E-mail: esanti@dsiaq1.ing.univaq.it

Abstract: A general uniform convergence theorem for numerical integration of certain two-dimensional Cauchy principal value integrals is proved. A special instance of this theorem is given as corollary.

Keywords: Cubatures; Cauchy principal value integrals; splines.

Classification (MSC2000): 65D32, 41A15, 41A63.

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