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On Nonlocal Gravity With Constant Scalar Curvature

Ivan Dimitrijević, Branko Dragovich, Zoran Rakić, Jelena Stanković

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade, Serbia; Mathematical Institute, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, Serbia; University of Belgrade, Teacher Education Faculty Belgrade, Serbia

Abstract: A class of nonlocal gravity models, where nonlocal term contains an analytic function of the d’Alembert operator , is considered. For simplicity, these models are considered without matter sector. Related equations of motion for gravitational field g μν (x) are presented and analyzed for a constant scalar curvature R. The corresponding solutions for the cosmological scale factor a(t) of the FLRW universe are found and discussed.

Keywords: modified gravity, nonlocal gravity, cosmological solutions

Classification (MSC2000): 83Dxx, 83Fxx, 53C21; 83C10, 83C15

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