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Properties of the Nearly Kähler 𝕊 3 ×𝕊 3

Marilena Moruz, Luc Vrancken

LAMAV, Université de Valenciennes, Valenciennes; France; KU Leuven, Department of Mathematics, Leuven, Belgium

Abstract: We show how the metric, the almost complex structure and the almost product structure of the homogeneous nearly Kähler 𝕊 3 ×𝕊 3 can be recovered from a submersion π:𝕊 3 ×𝕊 3 ×𝕊 3 𝕊 3 ×𝕊 3 . On 𝕊 3 ×𝕊 3 ×𝕊 3 we have the maps obtained either by changing two coordinates, or by cyclic permutations.

Keywords: nearly Kähler manifolds; Riemannian submersion

Classification (MSC2000): 53B35

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