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Vol. 37(51), pp. 57--60 (1985)

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S.J. Pride

Department of Mathematics, University of Glasgow, G128QW, Scotland

Abstract: In previous papers the autor has defined a quasi-order $\preceq$ on the class of groups (the``largeness'' ordering). One can then define the {\it height\/} of group, and also define what it means for a group to satisfy max-$\preceq$ or min-$\preceq$. A natural question is whether the finiteness conditions max-$\preceq$, min-$\preceq$, ``having finite height'' are extension closed. It is shown here that the answer is ``no'' for all three properties: there is a group which is a split extension of one group of height 1 by another group of height 1, and which does not satisfy max-$\preceq$ or min-$\preceq$.

Classification (MSC2000): 20F22; 20E22

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