Instructions to Authors

Manuscripts written in English should be sent to the Editor in Chief or editorial secretaries, by e-mail (preferable, PDF is strongly encouraged) to the address:, or by regular mail. If sending by regular mail, three clearly legible copies are required. Authors should also send any of their unpublished papers to which crucial reference is made in the manuscript.

The paper submitted must not be previously published in, nor have been submitted to another journal.

Below the title of the manuscript, the name(s) and full postal address(es) of author(s) should be given, followed by a short selfcontained abstract, AMS Mathematics Subject Classification (2010) and key words and phrases.

Each section, including the introduction should be numbered, with formulas numbered in the left margin. Nonstandard notations should be explained in the text. Footnotes should be avoided. Drawings should be prepared as Postscript files. References should be listed alphabetically and numbered consecutively at the end of manuscript, following the model given below:


[1] O Reilly, M. J., A uniform scheme for the singularly perturbed Riccati equation. Numer. Math. 50 (1987), 483-501.

[2] Ortega, J. M., Rheinboldt, W. C., Iterative solution of nonlinear equations in several variables. New York and London: Academic Press 1970.

[3] Bohl, E., Discrete versus continuous models for dissipative systems. In: Numerical models for bifurcation problems. (T. Krüpper, H. D. Mittelmann, H. Weber, eds.), pp. 67-78. Basel, Boston, Stuttgart: Birkhäuser Verlag 1984.

References should be indicated in the text by corresponding arabic numbers in square brackets.

Manuscripts will be retyped and the author will receive a copy of galley proofs. Authors are requested to correct typographical errors only. Alternations exceeding 10\% of the typesetting will be charged to the author.

The Journal is produced using LaTeX. Authors who are able to do so are invited to prepare their manuscripts using LaTeX. If not, preparation of the paper will be charged to the author. Hard copy only should be submitted for assessment, but if the paper is accepted the author will be asked to send the text by e-mail to the following address: