NSJOM Vol 36. No. 1
In Memorial: Kazimierz Głazek 1-2
B.J. Malešević Some combinatorial aspects of the composition of a set of functions 3-9
B. Singh
S. Jain
S. Jain
Fixed Point Theorems in D-Metric Space through Semi-Compatibility 11-19
D. Fetcu Quaternionic maps between a hyper-Kähler manifold and a 3-almost contact manifold 21-34
S. Pirzada
T.A. Naikoo
T.A. Chishti
Score sets in oriented bipartite graphs 35-45
T. Noiri
V. Popa
Some properties of weakly open functions in bitopological spaces 47-54
M. Masal (m+1)-dimensional spacelike parallel $p_i$-equidistant ruled surfaces in the Minkowski space $R_1^n $ 55-63
G. Eigenthaler
B. Šešelja
A. Tepavčević
Weak congruences of algebras with constants 65-73
D. Turkoglu
I. Altun
B. Fisher
Common fixed point theorems for four mappings with some weak conditions of commutativity 75-86
J. Pantović
B. Rodić
G. Vojvodić
Hyperclone lattice and embeddings 87-95
Q. Khan On an Einstein projective sasakian manifold 97-102
I. Štajner-Papuga $(\oplus,\odot)$-Laplace transform as a basis for aggregation type operators 103-113
I. Luković
S. Ristić
P. Mogin
J. Pavićević
Database schema integration process - a methodology and aspects of its applying 115-140
I. Čomić
M. Anastasiei
Curvature theory of generalized connection in $J^{2}_{k}M$ 141-151


NSJOM Vol 36. No. 2
A. L. Benbernou
S. Gala
Decomposition of the distribution on $BMO$ space 1-12
H. Li
X. Liu
On spin $Z_6$-actions on spin 4-manifolds 13-23
Y. H. Zahran A central WENO-TVD scheme for hyperbolic conservation laws 25-42
Y. Su
X. Qin
Strong convergence for accretive operators in Banach spaces 43-55
M. Khare
R. Singh
$L$-Guilds and Binary $L$-Merotopies 57-64
Z. Budimac
D. Pešović
M. Ivanović
N. Ibrajter
Lessons learned from the implementation of a workflow management system using mobile agents 65-79
S. Pilipović
D. Rakić
N. Teofanov
Homogeneous distributions in $ {\cal D}^{'}_{L^q} $ 81-90
S. M. Minčić
Lj. S. Velimirović
Derivational formulas of a submanifold of a generalized Riemannian space 91-100
M. S. Petković
D. M. Milošević
Improvement of convergence condition of the square-root interval method for multiple zeros 101-109
I. Štajner-Papuga
T. Grbić
M. Daňkova
Riemann-Stieltjes type integral based on generated pseudo-operations 111-124
K. Lendelová On the pseudo-Lebesgue-Stieltjes integral 125-136
M. Kostić On a Class of Quasi-Distribution Semigroups 137-152
Lj. Gajić On a common fixed point for sequence of selfmappings in generalized metric space 153-156
Lj. D. Petković
M. S. Petković
On the fourth order root finding methods of Euler's type 157-165