NSJOM Vol 35. No. 1
S. K. Sardar On Jacobson radical of a $\Gamma-$semiring 1-9
D. Marcu Note on the factors of graphs 11-13
S. Ilić
B. Janeva
N. Celakoski
Free Biassociative Groupoids 15-23
V. Kurbalija
M. Ivanović
CaseBaseGenerator for Intelligent Systems 25-40
K. Surla
Lj. Teofanov
Z. Uzelac
The structure of spline collocation matrix for singularly perturbation problems with two small parameters 41-48
D. M. Milošević
Lj. D. Petković
On the improved family of simultaneous methods for the inclusion of multiple polynomial zeros 49-57
L. Z. Rančić
M. S. Petković
Square-root families for the simultaneous approximation of polynomial multiple zeros 59-70
T. Lukić
Z. Lužanin
Convergence of the MRV method at singular points 71-78
M. Paun Study of the generalized Lagrange space ${GL^{2n}\left (M,g_{ij}(x,y^{(1)},y^{(2)})=e^{2\sigma(x,y^{(1)}, y^{(2)})} \gamma_{ij} (x)\right )}$ 79-94
I. Golet On probabilistic 2-normed spaces 95-102
M. Stojaković Fuzzy random variable in mathematical economics 103-112
J. Nikić Different structures in $Osc^{k}M$ and its subspaces 113-121
Lj. Gajić Metric locally constant function on some subset of ultrametric space 123-125
M. Kostić On analytic integrated semigroups 127-135
A. Rashid Barotropic vorticity equation 137-149
Z. Lozanov-Crvenković
R. Mirkov
Some classes of positive definite Colombeau generalized functions 151-159
D. Mašulović
M. Pech
On traces of maximal clones 161-185
M. S. Kurilić
A. Pavlović
Topologies generated by closed intervals 187-195


NSJOM Vol 35. No. 2
R. Kravarušić
M. Mijatović
Integrated C-semigroups of unbounded linear operators in Banach spaces 1-17
T. A. Chishti Some spaces of lacunary convergent sequences defined by Orlicz functions 19-25
A. Delcroix Remarks on the embedding of spaces of distributions into spaces of Colombeau generalized functions 27-40
F. Vajzović
A. Šahović
Cosine operator functions and Hilbert transforms 41-55
J. M. Rassias On the Ulam problem for Euler quadratic mappings 57-66
M. Purcaru
M. Paun
About d-linear connections compatible with a conformal metrical structure 67-78
V. Popa A general fixed point theorem for two pairs
of mappings on two metric spaces
C. S. Bagewadi
E. G. Kumar
On irrotational D-conformal curvature tensor 85-92
I. Chajda
S. Radeleczki
Semilattices with sectionally antitone bijections 93-101
E. Kasap A method of the determination of a geodesic curve on ruled surface with timelike rulings 103-110
H. Péics Positive solutions of neutral delay difference equation 111-122
A. Petojević New formulae for $K_i(z)$ function 123-132
J. Ušan A comment on $(n,m)-$groups 133-141
N. Aldea The holomorphic bisectional curvature of the complex Finsler spaces 143-153
M. Žižović
V. Lazarević
Construction of codes by lattice valued fuzzy sets 155-160
Book review "The Role of Mathematics on Human Structure"
by Swapan Kumar Adhikari