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Vol. 6, No. 1, Spring 2004 Copyright ©2004 Kim Williams. All Rights Reserved. ISSN: 1522-4600

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Spring 2004
Table of Contents
Letter from the Editor Kim Williams
Research Articles Abstracts of all research articles available in the NNJ online and in print.
The Use of the Golden Section in the Great Mosque of Kairouan
Kenza Boussora and Said Mazouz
Philosophy and Science of Music in Ancient Greece: The Predecessors of Pythagoras and Their Contributions Graham Pont
The Fractal Nature of the Architectural Orders Daniele Capo
La natura frattale degli ordini architettonici Daniele Capo
The Geometer's AngleAn Introduction
Geometer's Angle™ no. 11: The Bilunabirotunda Marcus the Marinite
Didactics A guide to all articles about Didactics available in the NNJ online and in print.
Book reviews Includes all book reviews available in the NNJ online and in print.
Architectural Research Methods by Linda Groat and David Wang
Reviewed by Kerry London and Michael Ostwald
A Generative Theory of Shape by Michael Leyton
Reviewed by Stephen R. Wassell
 The Awakening of Geometrical Thought in Early Culture by Paulus Gerdes
Reviewed by Steven Fleming
Conference Reports A guide to all conference reports available in the NNJ online and in print.
The Pantheon. "Symbol of the universe" and "The Interpretation in Northern Europe" Introduction by Lambert Rosenbusch
Early Orchestration: The Pantheon as a resonance element Gert Sperling
The Pantheon as an image of the Universe Lambert Rosenbusch
The Pantheon as globe shaped conception Peter Wilkins
Exhibit Reports A guide to all exhibit reports available in the NNJ online and in print.
The Geometry of Aspiration: John Macnab's Sculpture Emanuel Jannasch
The Virtual Library. The NNJ recommends new and classic books on architecture and mathematics.
Submission Guidelines

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