Abstract. This page contains pictures taken during the Nexus 2000 conference in Ferrara, Italy, 4-7 June 2000.

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Nexus 2000 in Pictures


Photos by Susan (Susi) Knight
Click on the pictures to see larger versions with captions

 Opening evening

 de la Barra and Speiser

 Capanna and Rodrigues

 DoldSamplonius and Eaton

 Eaton and Sapp


 Moran and Calter


 Rosin and Sapp

 Capanna presentation

Reynolds and Williams 

 Fletcher and Gables

 Eaton presentation

 Lunch table 1

 Lunch table 2

Dolds and Williams 

 Round table panel

Round table 2 

 Vianello and Rodrigues

 Wassell Moran and Eaton


 The correct citation for this article is:
Kim Williams, "Nexus 2000 in Pictures", Nexus Network Journal, vol. 2, no. 3 (July 2000), http://www.nexusjournal.com/N2000-Pictures.html


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