Vera Spinadel is a Corresponding Editor for the Nexus Network Journal.

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Vera W. de Spinadel
Corresponding Editor, Nexus Network Journal

Area of study: Architecture and Mathematics
Geographic area: South America

Vera Spinadel, Corresponding Editor for the Nexus Network JournalDr. Vera W. de Spinadel earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1958. At present, she is Full Consultant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Buenos Aires. This is her second appointment since she got this degree in 1995 until 2002 and it has been renewed until 2009. Since 1995, she has been the Director of the research Center on Mathematics & Design (MAyDI), having received many I&D grants and personal grants to develop the activitiesof many research groups. In April 2005, she officially inaugurated the Mathematics & Design Laboratory at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning, University of Buenos. It is important to mention that together with the University of Blumenau, Brazil, she is organizing the Fifth International M&D Conference, to take place June 4-7, 2007. She is the president of the International Mathematics & Design Association since 1998, that publishes the Journal of Mathematics & Design twice a year. She is the author of ten books and has published more than eighty original papers in national and international journals. She researches in the field of "Metallic Means" in development of the classical Golden Proportion got wide international recognition.

See Vera W. de Spinadel "Triangulature" in A.Palladio , Nexus Network Journal, vol. 1 (1999), pp. 117-120. and Vera W. de Spinadel, "The Metallic Means and Design", pp. 141-157 in Nexus II: Architecture and Mathematics, ed. Kim Williams, Fucecchio (Florence): Edizioni dell'Erba, 1998.


Vera W de. Spinadel
The Mathematics & Design Association
José M. Paz 1131 - Florida (1602)
Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA

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