Matematicki Vesnik, Vol. 59, No. 1-2, pp. 31-46 (2007)

Spline-wavelet solution of singularly perturbed boundary problem

D. Radunovic

Abstract: Boundary or interior layers typically appear in singularly perturbed boundary problems. Solution gradients are very sharp in these regions, and it seems natural to use wavelets to obtain numerical solution. As layers are usually positioned on boundaries, wavelets have to be modified appropriately. In this paper the collocation method based on spline-wavelets is derived and tested on simple linear one-dimensional singularly perturbed boundary problem.

Editorial note: The fulltexts have been exchanged after the first publication with a corrected version. In order to conform to the permanence principle, the original (obsoleted) fulltext files have been renamed as mv071205_obsolete.dvi.gz,, and mv071205_obsolete.pdf and are available for download from within the same directory as the corrected version to which the following links point.

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