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Submission Instructions and Guidelines for Authors


General Style
Organisation of references
Style of references
Proof corrections

Manuscripts should be submitted by e-mail to the Editors at the Publications Office of the Academy. The submission of a paper implies that it is not being submitted to any other journal for publication. Submission must be in electronic form, produced using LaTeX and following the guidelines given below. If accepted for publication, the paper must incorporate the Academy's style template, provided in the author package. Authors are encouraged to use this template for their initial submission, but this is not required.

The author package consists of three files: a class file, pri.cls, which generates the design specifications of the journal; a tex file,pri2egui.tex, which gives instructions for the preparation of electronic manuscripts in LaTeX; and a text file: readme.txt, which contains simple instructions on how to use the class and tex files.

Each paper must be preceded by an abstract not exceeding 150 words, which should
be intelligible in itself without reference to the paper.

The length of the paper submitted for publication should not normally exceed ten
printed pages (approximately 5,000 words); papers exceeding thirty pages
(approximately 15,000 words) will not be considered without the approval of the
Editors or Publication Committee.

Authors should use either ‘British English’ spellings consistently or ‘American English’ spellings consistently.

Reference to theorems, proofs, tables etc. in the paper itself should have an initial uppercase letter: ‘see Theorem 4 above’. Reference to theorems, proofs, tables etc. in other papers should have an initial lowercase letter: ‘it was shown in [5, proposition 2] that’.

Use italic formatting to introduce/define terminology: ‘The Lorentzian inner product is defined by…’.

Items in the reference list should be ordered first alphabetically and then chronologically, i.e. initially, according to the first author’s surname—with single-author works preceding two-author works, which precede three-author works—and then according to the date of publication. Three-author works with the same first author should be arranged chronologically, rather than alphabetically, according to second author. The individual items should be given a number depending on their position in the list, e.g.

[1] A.T. Brown..1992
[2] A.T. Brown..1996
[3] A.T. Brown and W. Smith..1994
[4] A.T. Brown, W. Smith and S. Jones..1994
[4] A.T. Brown, S. Jones and W. Smith..1996
[5] W. Smith..2000

Citations of references in the main text should be in this format: ‘The results shown in [4, theorem 2]…’; ‘According to previous studies [6; 8; 9]…’

Every item in the reference list must be cited in the paper.

Here are some sample references. Note the order, formatting and punctuation of the various pieces of information.

Important: all journal/series/book titles must be spelled out in full

[1] H. Heuser, Functional analysis, Wiley, Chichester, 1982.

Article in journal
[1] S. Yu and G. Ban, A theorem about LA-groups, Journal of Guangxi University 19 (1) (1994), 10–18.

Chapter in book
[1] Y.K. Kim and A. Rhemtulla, On locally graded groups, in D.L. Johnson and A.C. Kim (eds), Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Group Theory, Pusan, Korea, 1994, Springer, Berlin–Heidelberg–New York, 1995, 191–7.

Book in series
[1] W. Arveson, Continuous analogues of Fock space, Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society 409, Cambridge, Mass., 1989.

Unpublished thesis
[1] M. Mackey, JB*-triples and the quasi-invertible manifold, unpublished PhD thesis, University College Dublin, 1999.

Electronic preprint
[1] S. Buckley, Relative solidity for spaces of analytic functions, preprint (electronic), National University of Ireland, Maynooth, posted May 1999 (see

Where a cited reference exists online, a URL may be added to the reference.

Illustrations should be included within the paper at the position and size that best suits the reference or references to the figure in the text, usually just after the first reference. They can be in .eps, .tif or .jpg formats. Resolution of images should be at least 300dpi. Colour can be used sparingly, but only when it helps understanding. However there will continue to be a limited number of printed copies of the journal in black and white, so, for example, lines on a graph of different colours should also have a different form, i.e. the first a full line, the second a dashed line, etc.

The main text must always contain references to all illustrations used, e.g. Fig. or Figs with arabic numerals. The captions for the figures should be underneath the figures and on the same page. Authors must obtain written permission to use illustrations by anyone other than the author(s) that are still in copyright. Even if the illustration is no longer in copyright, an acknowledgement of a source other than the author(s) must be included in the caption.

Captions should be typed at the top of the tables. Tables should be included within the paper at the position that best suits the reference or references to the table in the text, usually just after the first reference. However, a table should not cross from one page to the next, unless it is too large to fit on one page. The main text must contain references to all tables used. Vertical rules should be avoided.

Authors are asked to check and return proofs by e-mail without delay when requested Corrections and answers to editorial queries should also be returned immediately by e-mail.