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Mathematical Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy

ISSN: 1393-7197
Volume 100, Issue 1
Publication Date: 2000

Stephen M. Buckley. Mixed Norms and Analytic Function Spaces. 100A(1):1-9. [FullText]
Michael Skeide. Generalised matrix C*-algebras and representations of Hilbert modules. 100A(1):11-38. [FullText]
Muhammad A. Albar, Maha A. Al-Hamed. The Affine Weyl Group of type ~Cn-1. 100A(1):39-45. [FullText]
Mohammad Ashraf. Some commutativity theorems for rings with polynomial constraints. 100A(1):47-54. [FullText]
Gilles Pisier. On a question of Niels Grønbaek. 100A(1):55-58. [FullText]
Chiara Nicotera. On solubility of some groups with a permutational property on commutators. 100A(1):59-64. [FullText]
Li Shirong. Finite non-nilpotent groups all of whose second maximal subgroups are TI-groups. 100A(1):65-71. [FullText]
Maria Meehan, Donal O'Regan. A note on singular Volterra functional-differential equations. 100A(1):73-84. [FullText]
P.F. Hodnett, R. McNamara. A modified Stommel-Arons model of the abyssal ocean circulation. 100A(1):85-104. [FullText]