Memoirs on Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics

Submission Guidelines


Memoirs on Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics is designed particularly for long (up to 120 pp) research papers on ordinary and partial differential equations and their applications. The papers should contain original new results with complete proofs. Periodically, short communications (up to 6pp) are published containing main results of talks reported on Tbilisi Seminar on Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations. The decision about publishing both long papers and short communications is taken after reviewing.

Manuscripts submitted for publication should be typewritten in English and double spaced on standart size A4 paper. When listing references, please follow the standards of Mathematical Reviews. After the references please give author's address. The first page of articles submitted as long paper should include only the name(s) of author(s) and the title of the article. The second page should be started with the abstract (at least 1 sentence and at most 300 words) and followed with 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification numbers and key words and phrases. In the articles submitted as short communication, no abstract is needed, and as to 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification and keywords and phrases, they should be included in the first footnote of the first page. Special instructions for the typesetter, when necessary, should be included on a separate sheet of paper together with the e-mail address of the author(s) if available.

We encourage the submission of manuscripts in electronic form (on disk or by e-mail) using TeX (plain, LaTeX, AmSTeX, AmSLaTeX) macro package. The typefont for the text of a long paper is ten points roman with the baselineskip of twelve point, and for short communication, it is eight point roman with the baselineskip of ten points. Text area is 190 × 115mm excluding page numbers. Final pagination will be done by the publisher.

Please submit the manuscripts in duplicate to the

Memoirs on Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics
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