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In 2001, Living Reviews in Relativity joined an international consortium of research teams in the European IST project, MoWGLI (Mathematics on the Web: Get it by Logic and Interface).

The involvement of Living Reviews in Relativity into the MoWGLI project was motivated by the possibility to explore ways for the content-mark-up of mathematical information as it is presented in its review articles, making it available for semantic search, and for reuse and evaluation, e.g. in math algebra systems. The journal supported the development of a LaTeX-based authoring tool, and serves as a showcase to demonstrate how content-mark-up in mathematics improves the usability and information depth of electronic science journals.

The 30-month MoWGLI project had been positively evaluated by the European Commission in November 2001, and started in March 2002. The journal was granted financial support for a two-years programmer position, which was assigned to External LinkDr. Romeo Anghelache.

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