Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics
Volume XXV

Avkhadiev Farit Gabidinovich
Chuprunov Alexej Nikolaevich
The probability of a successful allocation of ball groups by boxes
Wu-Yi Hsiang
Eldar Straume
Kinematic geometry of triangles and the study of the three-body problem
H. L. Huru
Quantizations of braided derivations. 2. Graded modules
H. L. Huru
Quantizations of braided derivations. 3. Modules with action by a group
Miroslav Kures
David Sehnal
The order of algebras with nontrivial fixed point subalgebras
Mher Martirosyan
Suren Samarchyan
q-Bounded Systems: Common Approach to Fisher-Micchelli's and Bernstein-Walsh's Type Problems
R. RajaRajeswar
M.Lellis Thivagar
S.Adhisiya Ponmani
Characterization of ultra separation axioms via (1,2)alpha-kernel

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