Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics
Volume XXIV

Habib Azanchiler
Extension of Line-splitting Operation from Graphs to Binary Matroid
H. L. Huru
Quantizations of braided derivations. 1. Monoidal categories
Ying-Jun Jiang
Jin-Ping Zeng
L-error estimate for a discrete two-sided obstacle problem and multilevel projective algorithm
Lahrech samir
Jaddar Abdessamad
Ouahab Abdelmalek
Mbarki Abderrahim
Some remarks about strictly pseudoconvex functions with respect to the Clarke-Rockafellar subdifferential
Changchun Liu
Self-similar solutions for a nonlinear degenerate parabolic equation
Eldar Straume
A geometric study of many body systems
W. S. Zhou
S. F. Cai
Positive Solutions for a Singular Second Order Ordinary Differential Equation

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