Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics
Volume XXI

Avkhadiev Farit Gabidinovich
Hardy type inequalities in higher dimensions with explicit estimate of constants
Abdelhak Benbrik, Lahrech Samir, Abdella Mbarki, Abdelmalek Ouahab Ekeland's Principle for vector-Valued Maps based on the characterization of uniform spaces via families of pseudo-quasi-metrics
Pingyan Chen
Tien-Chung Hu
Andrei Volodin
A note on the rate of complete convergence for maximus of partial sums for moving average processes in Rademacher type Banach spaces
Ge Ying
On closed inverse images of base-paracompact spaces
Niovi Kehayopulu
Michael Tsingelis
Fuzzy interior ideals in ordered semigroups
Zhi-Gang Wang
Certain Subclasses of Close-to-Convex and Quasi-Convex Function with respect to k-symmetric points

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