Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics
Volume XIII

R. Dautov, R. Kadyrov, E. Laitinen, A. Lapin,J. Pieska, V. Toivonen On 3d dynamic control of secondary cooling in continuous casting process   
M.A.Ignatieva and A.V.Lapin Mixed hybrid finite element scheme for Stefan problem with prescribed convection
R.F. Kadyrov, E. Laitinen, and A.V. Lapin Using explicit schemes for control problems in continuous casting process
Kulwinder Kaur Tauberian conditions for L1-convergence of modified complex trigonometric sums
Niovi Kehayopulu and Michael Tsingelis The embedding of an ordered semigroup into an le-semigroup
Niovi Kehayopulu and Michael Tsingelis A note on semi-pseudoorders in semigroups
Igor V. Konnov and Olga V. Pinyagina D-gap functions and descent methods for a class of monotone equilibrium problems
E. Laitinen, A.V. Lapin, and J. Pieska Numerical experiments with multilevel subdomain decomposition method
Koji Matsumoto, Adela Mihai, and Dorotea Naitza Submanifolds of an even-dimensional manifold structured by a T-parallel connection

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