Journal of Lie Theory

ISSN 0949-5932 · Volume 8 (1998), No. 2 · Electronic Edition


W. Hazod, K. H. Hofmann, H.-P. Scheffler, M. Wüstner, and H. Zeuner:
Normalizers of compact subgroups, the existence of commuting automorphisms, and applications to operator semistable measures

D. Poguntke:
Normalizers and centralizers of reductive subgroups of almost connected Lie groups

M. Burger and A. Valette:
Idempotents in complex group rings: theorems of Zalesskii and Bass revisited

E. Casadio Tarabusi, J. M. Cohen, A. Koranyi, and M. A. Picardello:
Converse mean value theorems on trees and symmetric spaces

P. E. Barbano:
Automorphisms and quasi-conformal mappings of Heisenberg type groups

A. Tralle and W. Andrzejewski:
On solvmanifolds and a conjecture of Benson and Gordon from the hamiltonian viewpoint

P. W. Michor and T. S. Ratiu:
On the geometry of the Virasoro-Bott group

N. Kamoun:
Restrictions a un sous-espace de Cartan des fonctions ${\cal C}^\infty$ invariantes sur l'espace tangent d' un espace symetrique

K. Mokni and E. G. F. Thomas:
Paires de Guelfand generalisees associees au groupe d'Heisenberg

L. San Martin:
Order and domains of attraction of control sets in flag manifolds

Heping Liu:
Wavelet Transforms and Symmetric Tube Domains

A. Leahy:
A classification of multiplicity free representations

C. Barros:
On the number of control sets on flag manifolds of real simple Lie groups

M. Wüstner:
An exponential Lie group with disconnected near Cartan subgroups

R. Milson, and D. Richter:
Quantization of cohomology in semi-simple Lie algebras

W. Dal Lago, A. Garcia, and C. U. Sanchez:
Projective subspaces in the variety of normal sections and tangent spaces to a symmetric space

T. Pirashvili:
The Euler Poincare characteristic of a Lie algebra

T. Nomura:
Berezin transforms and group representations

A. G. Robertson:
Addendum to: Crofton formulae and geodesic distance in hyperbolic spaces