Journal of Lie Theory

ISSN 0949-5932 · Volume 7 (1997), No. 2 · Electronic Edition

P. Cotton and A. H. Dooley:
Contraction of an adapted functional calculus

P. Katsylo and D. Mikhailov:
Ternary Quartics and 3-dimensional Commutative Algebras

D. Dokovic and K. H. Hofmann:
On the exponentiality of real Lie groups

C. Moeglin:
Non nullité de certains relêvements par séries théta

C. Moeglin:
Quelques propriétés de base des séries théta

E. N. Reyes:
Commuting Operators and Class Functions

K. Koufany and B. Ørsted:
Hardy spaces on two-sheeted covering semigroups

M. Puta:
Stability and control in space craft dynamics

M. Wüstner:
On closed abelian subgroups of real Lie groups

M. Benayed:
Lie bialgebras and cohomology

K.-H. Neeb:
On a Theorem of S. Banach