Journal of Lie Theory

ISSN 0949-5932 · Volume 4 (1994), No. 2 · Electronic Edition

K.-H. Neeb:
The classification of Lie algebras with invariant cones

p. 139-183: DVI (226 K), Postscript (443 K)

J. Hilgert, K.-H. Neeb and B. Ørsted:
The geometry nilpotent coadjoint orbits of convex type in Hermitian Lie algebras

p. 185-235: DVI (239 K), Postscript (518 K)

F. Leitenberger:
Triangular Lie bi-algebras and matched pairs for Lie algebras of real vector fields on $S^1$

p. 237-255: DVI (81 K), Postscript (235 K)

M. Stroppel:
Lie theory for non-Lie groups

p. 257-284: DVI (125 K), Postscript (291 K)