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Journal of Lie Theory
Vol. 15, No. 2, 2005 · Contents

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Alessandro Ottazzi:
Multicontact Vector Fields on Hessenberg Manifolds

J. M. Cabezas and E. Pastor:
Naturally graded p-filiform Lie algebras in arbitrary finite dimension

Chun-Gil Park:
Homomorphisms between Lie JC$^*$-Algebras and Cauchy-Rassias Stability of Lie JC$^*$-Algebra Derivations

Willem A. de Graaf:
Constructing Homomorphisms between Verma Modules

Hartmut Führ:
The Weak Paley-Wiener Property for Group Extensions

Marja Kankaanrinta:
Lifting Smooth Homotopies of Orbit Spaces of proper Lie group actions

E. Galina, A. Kaplan, and L. Saal:
Spinor Types in Infinite Dimensions

Ziv Ran:
The Atiyah Extension of a Lie Algebra Deformation

Consuelo Martínez:
On Prime Z-graded Lie algebras of growth one

Didier Arnal, Mabrouk Ben Ammar, Bradley N. Currey and Béchir Dali:
Canonical Coordinates for Coadjoint Orbits of Completely Solvable Groups

Jonathan Korman:
On the local constancy of characters

Michael Roitman:
On Embedding of Lie Conformal Algebras into Associative Conformal Algebras

Karl-Hermann Neeb:
Derivations of Locally Simple Lie Algebras

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