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Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 235–248 (2005)

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Topologically Locally Finite Groups with a CC-Subgroup

Zvi Arad and Wolfgang Herfort

Zvi Arad
Department of Mathematics,
Bar–Ilan University, Ramat–Gan
Department of Computer Science
and Mathematics
Netanya Academic College
Netanya, Israel
Wolfgang Herfort
Institute of Analysis
and Scientific Computation
University of Technology
Vienna, Austria

Abstract: A proper subgroup $M$ of a finite group $G$ is called a CC-subgroup of $G$ if the centralizer $C_G(m)$ of every $m\in M^{#}=M\setminus\{1\}$ is contained in $M$. Such finite groups had been partially classified by S. Williams, A. S. Kondrat'iev, N. Iiyori and H. Yamaki, M. Suzuki, W. Feit and J. G.Thompson, M. Herzog, Z. Arad, D. Chillag and others. In "Classification of Finite Groups with a CC-subgroup, Communications in Algebra 32 (2004), 2087–2098" the present authors, having taken all this work into account, classified all finite groups containing a CC-subgroup. \endgraf As an application, in the present paper, we classify totally disconnected topologically locally finite groups, containing a topological analogue of a CC-subgroup.

Classification (MSC2000): 22D05, 20E18, 20F50

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