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Vol. 14, No. 2, 2004 · Contents

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Dmitri D. Pervouchine:
Hierarchy of closures of matrix pencils

Zinovy Reichstein and Nikolaus Vonessen:
Stable Affine Models for Algebraic Group Actions

E. M. Moens and J. Van der Jeugt:
On Dimension Formulas for $\g\l(m{|}n)$ Representations

Alan T. Huckleberry and Joseph A. Wolf:
Injectivity of the Double Fibration Transform for Cycle Spaces of Flag Domains

Rutwig Campoamor-Stursberg:
Erzeugung nichtlinearer gewöhnlicher Differentialgleichungen mit vorgegebener Lie-Algebra von Punktsymmetrien

Enrico Leuzinger:
Tits Geometry, Arithmetic Groups, and the Proof of a Conjecture of Siegel

Lobna Abdelmoula, Didier Arnal and Mohamed Selmi:
Separation of Unitary Representations of $\R\times\R^d$

Yoji Yoshii:
Root Systems Extended by an Abelian Group and Their Lie Algebras

R. Ghanam, G. Thompson, and E. J. Miller:
Variationality of four-dimensional Lie group connections

Donald R. King:
Classification of Spherical Nilpotent Orbits in Complex Symmetric Space

J.-F. Hämmerli, M. Matthey and U. Suter:
Automorphisms of Normalizers of Maximal Tori and First Cohomology of Weyl Groups

Eugene Karolinsky and Kolya Muzykin:
On Quasi-Poisson Homogeneous Spaces of Quasi-Poisson Lie Groups

Hassan Azad and Indranil Biswas:
On the principal bundles over a flag manifold

Loring W. Tu:
Une courte démonstration de la formule de Campbell-Hausdorff

Josef Silhan:
A real analog of Kostant's version of the Bott--Borel--Weil theorem

Jörg Winkelmann:
A splitting criterion for two-dimensional semi-tori

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