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JIPAM is a peer-reviewed international journal in the theory of mathematical inequalities and their applications. 

JIPAM is an electronic publication of the School of Communications and Informatics, Victoria University of Technology. Some of the advantages of using the internet as the publishing medium are:

  • quick publication. Refereeing takes place in less than 100 working days. A main aim of JIPAM is rapid dissemination of results.

  • cost. Due to the low cost of electronic publications, subscription rates  can be kept to a minimum.

  • flexible medium. We can accept longer review papers as we are not bound by page restrictions. In addition, we further exploit the electronic nature of the journal by offering two versions of each article - one suitable for printing and another designed for viewing on screen. See our PDF page for more details. 

The journal aims to foster and develop further growth in all areas of mathematics relating to inequalities. It accepts high quality papers containing original research results, survey articles of exceptional merit, short letters and notes. The journal recognizes the need for papers to be published in a timely fashion and therefore papers will be refereed within 100 working days of submission. Resubmitted papers will be refereed within 45 working days of submission. The journal encourages submissions in electronic form, typed form or clearly handwritten English.

Papers accepted in JIPAM will be published within two weeks of the author/s' proofreading of the JIPAM draft of their paper. They will be added consecutively to each issue until the issue is completed.


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